The Top Invest 100 finance department handles all submitted withdrawal requests. All identification documents must be submitted in order to process a withdrawal.

Withdrawals to debit or credit cards are processed back to cards as “refunds” up to the amount transacted by an individual for funding his/her account. Any remaining balance, in addition to this amount, is sent via wire transfer. For example, a trader deposits $300 via debit or credit card, makes $300 profit and wants to withdraw $400. Subject to identification documents being verified and approved, $300 of the total $400 would be sent back to the original card as a “refund”, and the remaining $100 will be sent via wire transfer.

Traders, who have not placed any trades on their account, can request their full deposit amount back to the original payment source, e.g., debit or credit card. This will be processed as a full refund back to the card.

Canceling or closing your account

There is no additional cost if you want to cancel your account, just place a withdrawal request and inform us about your willingness to close your account. Withdrawals will be processed as per the withdrawal procedure outlined above.

All questions and difficulties associated with the withdrawal of funds should be sent to our support team by e-mail: [email protected].