Without having to download anything at all, you can use the full practicality of Top Invest 100 WebTrader for instant online trading on your accounts. Trade in stocks, futures, Forex, and more on over 125 markets worldwide, all from a single account.

The complete trading functionality of Top Invest 100 WebTrader is based on its compatibility with WebTrader.

This allows one-click operations for opening and closing trades, setting stops and entry limits, placing direct orders, setting and editing limit and stop loss, and charting. Take advantage of the WebTrader’s completely modular design to add and remove trading functions and tools to fit your own trading style.

Quickly create spread orders based on predefined strategies or create your own custom strategies. View open orders and executions, and create new orders from open, executed, and canceled trades.

All you need to do is enter your Top Invest 100 client login and password, select a trading server and click the login button. After login and successful connection to the chosen server, you will instantly gain access to your account.

 What Makes WebTrader the best Terminal?

  1. Accessible with No Download — PC.
  2. One-click trading.
  3. Selection of periods on the ‘History’ tab.
  4. Active orders are visible on the chart.
  5. Close By and Multiple Close By trade requests.
  6. Editable properties of graphical objects. 


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