Concerning our Muslim clients, Top Invest 100 offers an Islamic account option, which complies with Sharia law and does not operate under elements of Riba. No commissions, interests, or fees are charged to Top Invest 100’s Islamic account users, thus allowing them to conduct business with the broker without violating religious beliefs.

Islamic account holders at Top Invest 100 can be assured that they will enjoy the full range of benefits extended to our other account holders, including support from a personal account manager trained in relevant cultural aspects and restrictions related to the Islamic faith. Our local Muslim processors may allow Musharaka donations. However, this is restricted to approved agents by Top Invest 100 and the financial processors. Contact our specialist for more details and start to enjoy trading today.

Open the Account Type you wish according to your deposit and contact your Account Manager by [email protected] to activate it.

All transactions on Islamic accounts are closed at 22:00:00 GMT and reopened at 22:00:01 GMT, which keeps positions open for the next 24 hours. Account-holders do not pay any fees and do not violate Sharia law.

Traders using an Islamic account can work with all trading instruments, use leverage, hedge positions, deposit and withdraw funds in any convenient way.


Open an Islamic Account